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Environmental Activities

An Ecological Factory

General Shiga Plant is located in Ohmi Minakuchi Technopark,
an industrial district close to Lake Biwa.
At General, minimizing the impact on the surrounding natural environment one of our highest priorities. Accordingly,
we give careful consideration to our waste processing methods.
For example, we reuse nearly 100% of the waste from our production processes.
Dust and liquid waste are collected and incinerated to ensure that they are not discharged into the environment. The General Group made environmental protection a top priority early on, before it became a prominent global issue. One important effort has been to reduce the amount of toxic substances in our factories,
with our Shiga Plant leading the way.
The Group will continue to make environmental protection a top priority.
■Storage-type exhaust gas deodorization equipment Waste gas incinerator This equipment burns and decomposes used organic solvents.
■Solvent recovery equipment
Solvent recovery system This equipment recovers organic solvents contained in exhaust gases, so they can be reused.
■Dust collector
Dust collectors This equipment collects waste dust generated in the manufacturing process, preventing its discharge into the air.
■Waste heat recovery equipment Waste heat recovery system This equipment reuses waste heat generated by boilers and dryers.
ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Acquisition A Reflection of Our Effective Environmental Systems
At General ,
protecting the environment and delivering
high-quality products are two of
the basic principles underlying our operations.
In accordance with our
belief that environmental preservation is
one of our key social responsibilities,
we continually strive to
improve environmental performance.
ISO ISO 14001
Shiga Plant
ISO ISO 9001
Shiga Plant