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Environmental Activities

What We Can Do for the Earth

Our First Step
Photovoltaic generation system General Group introduced its Photovoltaic generation system to the Distribution Center and factory at our Minakuchi Technopark in Koga City, Shiga Prefecture as a part of our environmental improvement project.
This photovoltaic generation system is comprised of 1,536 panels (generation capacity 353kW), each 1.65 m2 (230W) in size. They generate approximately 310,000kWh of electric power a year and provide one-third of our yearly electricity consumption. That is equivalent to the amount needed to power approximately 120 houses per year.
We, General Co., Ltd., proud of our product location in Shiga Prefecture, hopes to continue to be a corporation that contributes to the environmental improvement of Lake Biwa (Japan's Mother Lake) and the surrounding area.
Furthermore, we are planning to sell our green energy value  (environmental value) equivalent in quantity to our in-house consumption of power generated at our photovoltaic power generation facilities. This environmental value will belong to the purchaser of the same in the form of a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC).
Overview of our Facility
Photovoltaic generation system
Photovoltaic generation system
Installation Site Satsukigaoka 5, Minaguchi-cho, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture
Photovoltaic unit area 2,535㎡
1.65㎡/panel (generation capacity: 230W) x 1,536 panels
Expected amount of annual photovoltaic generation Approximately 310,000kWh (About one-third the annual amount of electricity needed by the facility)