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Technical InformationThe barcode input system is indispensable for the management of physical distribution and production. General has developed high quality thermal transfer ribbons with their own technology, using an integrated management system that covers every process. These ribbons have made it possible to print on various materials, including synthetic paper, PET film and nylon taffeta etc. In addition, these ribbons are characterized by resistance to heat, abrasion, solvents etc, and therefore meet a wide range of demands. Furthermore, General fully supports original systems that have been developed to suit individual applications. General products are used in a wide range of industries, including not only manufacturing and retail, but also information-related enterprises.
Ink mixing technologyCoating technologySlitting technology

Product management system that covers every step from raw materials right through to product shipment.

(waxes, resins, carbon black, pigments, PET film, etc.)
・Acceptance inspection
・Quality control and other items
*The materials we use conform to the Food Sanitation Act and are not involved in the generation of dioxins.
Ink mixing technology
Ink mixing technology(solvent ink, hot melt ink, etc.)
・Ink viscosity inspection ・Ink melting point inspection
・Ink particle-size distribution inspection and other inspections.
Coating technologyMore info
Coating technology(thermal transfer ribbons of various types)
・Coating weight inspection ・Ribbon transmittance inspection
・Print density inspection ・Print clarity inspection
・Printing mobility inspection and other inspections
Slitting technologyMore info
Slitting technology(processing of ribbons to different specifications)
・Ribbon width, length, and outside diameter inspection
・Print inspection (shipping inspection) ・Storage test
(processing of ribbon packages to different specifications)
・Visual inspection of finished products
・Confirmation of packaging for shipment