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Corporate Philosophy

「Value Creation」〜「Creative & Innovative Company」〜

The General Group’s Charter of Action

To Earn the Trust and Understanding of Society

Rather than merely pursuing profit through fair competition, a company must exist to serve society. For that reason, the General Group is committed to performing all business activities in Japan and wherever we do business in strict compliance with both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as in accordance with an ethical social consciousness, based on the following 8 principles.

  • We will maintain fairness, transparency, and freedom in business competition.
  • We will proactively disclose corporate information and complete, accurate financial statements in a timely and appropriate manner. To accomplish this, we will establish and enforce a thorough system of internal controls.
  • Recognizing that environmental protection measures are essential to a company’s existence and operations, we will independently and proactively implement such measures.
  • We will maintain a safe, worker-friendly work environment and promote employee self-improvement while respecting the individuality and personality of each employee.
  • We will never become involved with antisocial groups or organizations that pose a threat to public order and safety, and we will resolutely withstand any pressure from such groups or organizations.
  • In all of our overseas business dealings, we will respect the local culture and customs and strive to contribute to local economic development.
  • Top management will maintain an awareness that the implementation of the principles and spirit of this Charter is their responsibility and will work to educate all concerned by taking the initiative and setting a good example.
  • In the event of any violations of this Charter, top management will clearly express their intention to resolve the issue and will work to identify the specific causes and prevent a recurrence. In addition, top management will promptly disclose appropriate information to the public, clarify accountability and responsibility, and enforce strict punitive measures, including for themselves.
The General Group includes General Holdings Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, and any related companies for which General Holdings Co., Ltd. possesses de facto management rights.